Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jackpot - Updated

Okay, I'm going to mix it up. Instead of going through more history, I'm going to do a blog about my current sewing happenings. Please contain your excitement.

So, a guy I used to date not too long ago texted me asking if I wanted a bunch of fabric and other sewing related items that he found packed away that was his Grandmas. I was caught of guard hearing from him as things did not end ideally between us, but how could I refuse fabric? And more importantly, I was flattered that he thought of me when he found that stuff, although he also didn't want to just throw it all away. But still. That was pretty cool of him.

Any who, I was thinking I was going to get a box or a bag and some other stuff maybe. Well, I got two big black trash bags and several boxes. My car was filled with all the stuff he gave me. This picture shows part of my messy room, but at least you can see all the stuff I was given!

I wasn't able to look over all of it right away, but I did go through a box of patterns circa 1940s. There was mostly baby clothing patterns but there was a few clothing items. One was a baby shirt that had a Roosevelt election pin on it! Naturally, I had to tell him because I'm sure he did not know it was in there. Obviously, he wanted it back.
 Well, today I went through the rest of it and it took a good hour to hour and a half! Soooooo much stuff. Much of it was small scraps that I couldn't use, but there was still tons of great vintage fabric that is just amazing. This woman had great taste in fabric!

This is just a small portion of all that was in there. But all of it is equally amazing! Also, I can't even tell you how much rick-rack I got. Even after that huge rant about it in the last blog, maybe it can grow on me?

Another thing I found was a box filled with the beginnings of a quilt. I'm told that this quilt is called "Flower Garden" and they were a really big deal back in the 1950s (give or take a decade). They are usually hand stitched because that is the better way to go about the quilt but I've read ways to do it on a machine. It's pretty impressive though, considering there are about 40 hand stitched blocks! I guess my Great Grandma made one too and it was her "pride and joy" as my Grandma tells me.

I tried to get as close as I could to get an idea of the prints. I will admit that my cat's tail is in the bottom of the picture, sorry.
But anyway, I really want to finish this quilt. It is hopelessly vintage and I just love it. It's going to be a challenge though! But, if the guy who generously gave me this stuff wants it, I would do so but it will break my heart!

 There are quite a few "blocks(?)" here but not enough to make a full quilt. But, she did have a huge scrap box with the pattern, the cut pattern pieces and the material she was using. I think I can finish it. What is odd though, is that every single block has a bright peach center except one has a green center. I'll have to think of a way to work with that. Maybe make a few with a different color to balance it out.

I will say that I am not going to hand stitch it. I just do not have the patience. Too many modern conveniences I have grown accustomed to just can't compete. I've tried cutting some pieces with scissors only and it did not go well. And even thinking about all the extra steps for hand stitching brings up all the possible things that will probably go wrong.

There is so much more: flat sheets, foam pillows, ironing board covers, LOTS of lace, other patterns, tracing paper, yarn, thread and other notions. Old sewing magazines and a book. So many different fabrics it's insane. She even used newspaper to make copies of her patterns. That is pretty ingenious to use newspaper in my opinion. She also used cardboard, paper bags and tissue paper. It's possible many women did this, but it's new to me!

Well, that is my huge jackpot. I'm pretty excited and my head is swimming with possibilities!

The other my fabric closet. It's bursting through the doors as of now and there is a huge pile of fabric I got at the thrift store that I haven't even managed to fit in. Needless to say, I'm going have to do a lot of organizing and throwing away. Am I the only sewer who hates to throw away scraps? After looking at all the scraps his Grandma left behind, I can say with confidence that I am not.

It's hard to keep blogging about old projects when I have so many going on right now that are so much better than those made in that first year or so. Also, after seeing all these other sewing blogs with ladies sewing stuff with fabric so cute I couldn't hope to compete, even now. Yet another reason why I don't sell my stuff...*sigh*.


  1. Wow... awkward, but cool. :)

    Rick-rack is awful, cheesy stuff. There are so few applications for it that I actually like. :P

    I too hate throwing away scraps. But like anything else, there is a point where you are burdened so much by crap that the disposal part of it becomes super easy.

    The Roosevelt pin is funny.

  2. Hey, I'm still hoping I find something that rick-rack works with. In fact, I'm not determined!

  3. Oh wow, that's so awesome! You're right, she did have great taste. I hope you can finish the quilt, I think it would look amazing!