Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dress Form Pin Cushion

So, I have been eyeballing this adorable pin cushion in the shape of a dress form at Joann's forever, but I didn't want to fork over $16 for it! So, I held off. Plus, it didn't have the sand/emery stuff that keeps pins sharp.

Well, I'm super happy I held off because I found a pattern for one (from Pinterest, of course). I want to modify it just a bit, but here is my first attempt and I think it worked out reasonably well.

If you want to give it a try, the link is here! Of course, the ones they make look just a tad better than mine, but the second try should prove better results. I'm not thrilled at how huge it is just for a pin cushion and putting it on a candle holder doesn't help either, so I'm on a mission to find something else to put it on, but for now, it was all I could find . . .

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