Saturday, June 30, 2012

iPad Pillow Tutorial

Here is the iPad pillow pattern! To be fair, it could be used for any tablet type of device like a Kindle or Nook.

As for the pattern, I'm not wild about it for several reasons, and it's mostly because of the size and bulk. There is also the fact that most of these bigger devices have some sort of stand that is built into the cover, so the lack of practical usage is low.

But, maybe you feel differently and you want to have your device propped up by cool fabric and rice! So, grumbling aside, let's get onto the sewing stuff.

This pattern is a little bit different than the iPod Pillow:

1. All the pieces are separate.

2. There is one triangle, which serves as the base, that is shorter than the other three. This was done to minimize bulk. Although, it's still pretty bulky!

3. You are going to use a 1/4 seam allowance. 

4. You are going to make the stopper 1 1/2" wide

Click here to see how the pattern is laid out. Also, here is a pic of all the fabric pieces when they are cut. It's difficult to see, so that is why I drew it all on paper to help you get a better visual.

Here is the pattern to get you started: iPad Pillow Pattern. (For whatever reason, google docs decided to upload that one completely upside down! And I have no idea how to fix that . . . sorry! It's still totally useable, I swear!)

To make the iPad version, follow the iPod Pillow tutorial. But keep in mind the changes I outlined above and you should be fine.

Here is a naked iPad Pillow for your viewing enjoyment. (Ignore my tomato pin cushion! It's bigger than the "usual" tomato pincushions that you might be used to seeing, so don't let that be a point of reference!)

Update - Here is a pic with an iPad . .. finally!


  1. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! is very useful and nice I search it very much time, sorry my english, hugs from Chile

  2. So happy to find this tutorial! I can't believe how expensive they are on Etsy, this is perfect! Pinning!

  3. Thanks, this will be perfect. I use my Ipad while I'm waiting to fall asleep at night, and I've been propping it up against all kinds of things, trying to find just the right angle - this should be just right! If all goes well is it OK if I talk about it on my blog and link to this page?

  4. Thank you! I adjusted the pattern to a 4 inch square and it is the perfect little perch for my cell phone. Happy New year to you!

  5. I am so making one of these. I have an I Pad 1 with an Otterbox on it. That thing is heavy! and the little stand in the cover only works for landscape not portrait orientation, plus it's a pain to use on your lap. This will be nice to have. Will probably make Hubs one too, even tho he has a lighter I Pad 3. But me first! LOL I have to practice you know.

  6. Thanks for the pattern. Will be making one today.

  7. I was looking for this pattern, you are an Angel. Thanks a lot.

  8. I happened to find your great tutorial yesterday and I've got my own pillow now!!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    If you want to see mine, please, visit me in Pinterest: Elena Rubio Tirado


  9. I have been searching for something to hold my ipad air when I'm up late and can't sleep but want to stay in bed. This is going to be someone's Christmas gift too! Thanks

  10. I have been searching for something to hold up my ipad at night when I wake up and can't sleep but don't want to get out of bed. Thanks

  11. Thank you for being so kind to share this! <3