Saturday, October 8, 2011

*Updated* Pod Pillow Tutorial!

Okay, so this is my first tutorial! I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring out the pattern for the Pod Pillow and I am happy to share it with the rest of the world.

My directions might be flawed but bear with me and ask as many questions as you need. Hopefully, someone in cyber space will stumble upon my humble blog and be delighted at this piece of iPhone magicalness. 

You will need:
Disappearing ink pen
1 Fat quarter of fabric
I bag of rice
A funnel
A spoon

Update: I've read a lot of comments on Pinterest and other blogs that making the triangles is kind of a pain! I have run into this very problem and after making these over and over, I've found that different measurements work better than equilateral triangles.
So, you can now download the pattern here! It comes with a layout of the pattern NOT drawn to scale, then two separate pattern pieces.

1) Cut the pattern pieces out. You have two options: you can cut each piece individually or cut the two pieces out and tape them together. I prefer to leave them in two big chunks and tape them together once. It's really up to you though. The latter looks like this:

This pic is old, but it does show you how the pattern should look once all taped. I've changed the letters to each triangle side. Now, you just match the letters together and sew!

2) Now, once you have taped your pretty pattern, its time to cut the fabric!

      3) Draw lines with a disappearing ink pen on the fabric, front and back. This will help when you are constructing the ramp. It's hard to see in this pic because I didn't choose the best fabric to contrast with a disappearing ink pen, but you get the idea . . .

4)      4) Press triangle lines. This really helps when you are stitching up the sides of the triangle.
     5) Match, pin and stitch together the following sides:
a.       E

b.      F. 

c.       G. This is the side I like to have the opening. Make one about 1 to 1 1/2" wide

6)   Match and pin ramp corners together. Stitch one side closed (it's the right side in this photo). I tried using the best contrasting thread I could, but again, it's not the best.

7)      7) Turn triangle right side out

8)      8) Press the fold line on the ramp

9)      9) Press a ¼” seam allowance on the opened side of the ramp. I usually just eyeball this.

     10)   Sew ramp shut. Basically, you are closing off the ramp from the rest of the triangle body. I've drawn a line across to use as a guide when stitching it shut.

    11)   Make a seam 1”away from the folded edge of the ramp.

    12)   Make 3 to 4 decorative stitches along ramp (ignore the filled stopper, that will come next)

    13)   Grab a funnel, your bag of rice, and a spoon.
                        Fill tunnel with rice until around ½” away from opening. This is about 1 ¼ Tbsp of rice.

a.       Be sure to pack the rice down so it gets really dense.
b.      Leave about a ½” space from the top

    14)   Stitch opening closed completely (From corner to corner)

    15)   Now, fill the triangle body with about 1 ¼ c of rice. Be sure to pack it in and move it into the corners. Pack it as full as you can so the very top will be filled. The opening should sit open like the picture shows, but you should have no trouble pinning it shut.

    16)   Hand stitch the opening shut. My hand sewing skills are the greatest, but I just do a stitch that looks like a "x"

    17)   You are done! Hooray!

This pic is the original pattern I made that didn't include a printable pattern for you!

Here is a pic of the "new" pattern:

I hope this is easy to follow. It’s a really simple and quick once you get the hang of it.

You can make the triangles smaller or bigger, too if you prefer (check out the ipad pillow tutorial). You might also like a shorter or longer ramp, too. Here is a pic of the 2nd Pod Pillow I tried out before I made this tutorial. The triangles are 6 x 6" and the square is 6 x 6 1/2".

It looks like a throne for my little iPhone . . .

As far as the filling goes, be creative! You can use lentils, buckwheat, sand . . . anything that has some weight. I wouldn’t recommend pillow stuffing for the whole thing, but you could use something heavy like rice or sand on the bottom and fill the top with pillow stuffing, I suppose. The possibilities are endless!!

To all those who stumble upon this blog, please post pics of your Pod Pillows!!!! I’m eager to see any creative deviations from this pattern! Please feel free to share this pattern!


  1. Thank you so much for posting - I would like to try this as a gift for a friend. Thank you!!!

  2. This is sweet thanks so much for sharing, it's going around like wild fire :)

  3. This is awesome ! Thank you so much for posting this. i want to make one for my husbands Kindle Fire.

  4. Awesome! I really want to give this a try but I'm still a L plater on the sewing machine...fingers crossed I can figure this out. Thanks so much for the tutorial :)

  5. Thanks for taking the time to figure this out! I couldn't wrap my head around the pyramid part. :) Can't wait to give it a try!

  6. Thank you for this pattern. (especially for the math in it ((-: ) Can't wait to try it.

  7. Thanks, I've pinned your tute and will be making one for sure. I need it for my HTC phone and Mum will want one for her iPad, and my mother in law will want one for her kindle so I think I should get a little practice by the end LOL. (Ironing the triangle up front? PURE Genius!!!) Promise to come back and link to pictures once done!!

  8. I've been thinking it would be nice to have something like this for when I'm watching TV and playing with my tablet! I can't wait to try your pattern out!

  9. I was so excited to see this I could have cried! Lol I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and thought I would try to attempt making a pattern. You have done the hard work for me and I greatly appreciate you posting this. I can't wait to get sewing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  10. I've had this pinned for months, gonna finally try it Today. Hopefully.

  11. Hi, I will try it today and will come back to show you the results... Tks!

  12. I'm so flattered that you are finding this tutorial useful!! Can't wait to see other people's designs and tweeks to the pattern!

    tack så mycket!!! (Swedish for Thanks so much :) I've been studying in Sweden a bit too long perhaps)

  13. I used walnut shells.... crushed... you can find them at a pet store. They are used for lizard cages.

    1. When I get back to the states, I'm definitely going to have to try that out! Thank you!

  14. I made one and LOVE it! thanks for the great tutorial! ive linked back to it on my blog.
    I also used walnut shells. (only because i didnt have rice--lol)

    1. I saw your blog and your pod pillow is adorable! Crushed walnuts is a great idea too. I've been looking at making pin cushions but I was torn on the right materials for the filling, but now I know what to use when I get around to making one! Thanks!

  15. I've found your site from Bobbi and what a great idea! Gotta make one for myself.
    And I'm your newest follower.
    Vicky K

    1. Hi! If you make one, please post pics! I'm always interested in any variations to the pattern. Good luck!

  16. Thank you for this. My husband is disabled and spends a lot of time in bed. Books are too heavy for his arms and cause much pain to hold up. This will work perfectly for books and his iPad. You rock,

  17. I ended up making his 9" triangles and a 9" x 4.5" rectangle as the 6" triangle was a bit unstable on his belly (but the 6" is awesome for my iPad since i usually have it on a flat surface :)

  18. This is great! I'm going to make one for my hard to shop for sister in law for Christmas. Has anyone used scented rice?

  19. I am so excited to make this ipod pillow!

  20. This is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have made a couple with great success, and that is saying alot because I don't always do so well reading and following directions! At any rate will you allow me using your pattern to sell a few of these? I am not like a big business or anything, just to friends etc..
    Thank you!

  21. Hi! Yes, of course you can sell them. This pattern is here to use and abuse, so go for it!

  22. What a wonderful pattern.....I found you via a link on Heidi's site
    ( )
    my son will love one of these, as will his girlfriend, and my friends, and me, and, and, and .......
    absolutely perfect...thanks heaps!
    xo sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  23. Thank you so, so much for sharing this pattern with us. I need several for myself and then of course a bunch for gifts!!! I'm also thinking that if I can figure out the math, this would make a super "tablet pillow" too. Don't you think? Big hugs...

  24. I'm so excited to make this a Mother's Day gift. My mom is constantly propping her book or her ereader on something. Since she goes back and forth between ereader and paper, I am trying to think of something which would hold the paper books open but make it easy to turn the pages. Any suggestions?

  25. I made some of these awhile back and forgot to tell you about them - here is a link to my blog post about it:

    I am making some more today, love this pattern, thanks so much for the great tutorial! :)

  26. I found that leaving an opening in the back seam looks better when it's closed. I've done several of the IPad holders. Am working on the Pod holders now.

  27. I'm so glad I found this tutorial. My daughter just got an Ipod and this is a perfect sewing project for her (with a little help from mom) Thank you for sharing!

  28. I used this to make my husband a great birthday gift. It worked perfectly for our android mobile devices and he LOVES it! Pretty sure this is what I am making for his office holiday gifts this year. Thanks!

  29. Great tutorial! I enlarged the pattern with an inch so I could use it for my ereader and galaxy note 2

  30. Awesome tute. My friends birthday is in a few days and she really wants one for her ipad and books. Hopefully this will work well for books but I am going to make it for her anyway. They are so expensive to buy and so much more fun to make! Thanks for uploading the tute and the pattern :)

  31. This really helps when you are stitching up the sides of the triangle. 5) ...

  32. I saw these in a store today and was shocked at the prices! Thanks for posting this. I look forward to making one!

  33. Just made a sample, and will be doing it with my Textiles classes (with you being given credit for the great pattern and instructions!).

  34. Très joli et pratique dommage que les dimensions ne soit pas en français je vais quand même tenter

  35. Très joli et pratique dommage que les dimensions ne soit pas en français je vais quand même tenter

  36. Thank you! I have bee looking for a pattern to make a kindle stand as I am going in for surgery and will have quite a while for recovery to read. Your directions are awesome, cant wait to make this!!

  37. I made one for my mother for Mother's Day this year, and I plan on making one for myself, too! I'll probably end up making one for my dad and other family members, too. It went together very easily for me, even though I cannot for the life of me find any of my marking pens! Pre-ironing the ceases helped, though, and really helped it get a good shape once turned right side out. I was surprised how much rice fit in it! I nearly used the whole bag.

  38. Genius idea. I made 2 for tablet and 1 for mobile Phone.

  39. Cant wait to make some. I wonder what would be a good addition to hold a book open with, on it. Like a paperback. Thank you for the pattern and for offering it to us free if charge. <3

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