Friday, July 22, 2011

Boutique Bag for Charity Auction

So, the above picture is the Boutique Bag pattern that I wanted to make it for this charity auction for a fundraiser for foster kids to go to camp. I really liked this pattern and for some reason, only made it once before. Probably cause I feel in love with brocade fabric and it just wouldn't work with the casing. Anyway, here is the very first one I made . . . 

I wish I would have picked a different color for the lining, and looking back at it now, all the colors in general. But, hey, it looked good to me at the time!
Here is the one I made for the auction.

The colors are more subdued than I normally go with, which I think is a good thing. I'm not 100% sure on the bow, I keep thinking yellow would have been a better choice, but I go back and forth! I tried to keep in mind that not everyone likes weird contrasting colors like I seem to be drawn to, so maybe the bow is just fine as is (its the same as the lining). I made quite a few changes this time around too . . .

- First, I moved the location of the bow because I thought it being in the middle was obnoxious (which I also did the first time around). Just a personal perference.
- I also shortened the strap length so the purse curves right underneath your arm and added interfacing inside of the straps so they hold their shape better. That was one problem I remember having with the first one. Plus it adds stability and just looks better.
- I've also made the purse smaller in width because the original pattern is HUGE and downsizing it helps give it more of a purse feel.
- I also didn't put four pockets on the inside, just two because, again, four was just obnoxious and too much. Seriously, who needs four freaking pockets?!

Anyway, I totally love it and am sad that I must see it go, but hopefully who ever wins it will love it!

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