Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've been wanting to whip up a clutch for months now, but never really got around to it, but recently, my step mom asked me if I would make some purses for a charity auction that would raise money for foster kids. I figured two purses would be a bit ambitious, since I take so long with them, so I settled for one purse and one clutch. I found this super easy, super cute clutch tutorial (you can find it here) and gave it a try!

I've had this fabric for years and I finally just decided to use it for a practice clutch, but it turned out awesome! I modifed the the "pattern" by doing the ruffled front on both sides and added a handle (which I made a bit too long). One thing I was super excited about was how she did the zipper with two tabs at each end that are sewn into the purse so it lays flat. Mine did not turn out that way, I think next time I will make the zipper just a tad smaller than she says to make it so I have more room to sew it all together (if you read the tutorial, you will know what I am talking about).

 Anyway, here is the lining . . .

Another problem I had was the lining not fitting very well at all. As you can see, it's a bit puffy by the zipper and it just doesn't lay right. Next time, I'm increasing the seam allowance to 5/8" which will help with the zipper problem and enough seam allowance to press open after it's all sewn together. Also, I want more rufflage (I know that isn't a word), so I'm going to increase the length by an inch or two.

Well, that is my big accomplishment! Enjoy!

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