Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's been awhile

Well, I have really lost touch with blogging my sewn creations. I must admit, after seeing all the other sewing blogs, I felt more than inadequate. All these other ladies make such amazing, beautiful, well-made things with the coveted Amy Butler fabric that my small hometown seems to hate selling. Not only that, but the photos are perfect and look like they are done by experts! I'm not an expert. I'm a sub-par seamstress on a limited budget with a short attention span. I also get discouraged and feel like my projects are just ok.

BUT, the silver lining is Pinterest. Pinterest as sparked such amazing inspirations in me, I cant' even begin to explain. Sliced bread doesn't hold a candle to this website. So, while this particular post does not have a project or anything, I can say there are more to come! I have seen HUNDREDS of crafts I want to dabble in, but I have so much going on in other areas of my life! Time consuming projects just aren't holding my interest. I want something simple and can be finished within the span of two days and I have found tons!

So, I want to start this up again, but kinda redesign it. Other websites have tutorials, patterns, tips and so on and I want that too. What's another thing to add to my long list of goals?

More to come (promise)

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